Home Alone, The Scary Story

Home alone
I hear the wind moan
There was a man lurking
The air was murky
I was frightened
Again, I heard the wind
I saw the man tumble
Then, heard a low sounding grumble.
I thought I saw a book
It was a chess piece rook
I forgot it was night
I felt further fright
Feeling like quicksand
I felt something touch my hand
I saw a pair of glowing eyes
I thought I might die
I was scared
I thought I might be pared
Feeling a sinking feeling
I felt myself, a banana, peeling
The man was standing again
I then saw zombie men
The garage was opening
I heard a ding
I watched the TV
There was another zombie
It was a breakout
Then I shouted out
I thought it was a dream
Then I made a scream
There were more zombies
An infectious disease
I was hallucinating
Then heard an alarm triple ding
My dad was home
I broke like a bone
I ran to him
The light grew dim
I passed out and fell down
I woke in a hospital, walls brown
The TV was on
I felt like I was gone
I was living
Someone came in with a ding
I had blinked
I had shrunk and shrinked
I saw the so called Doctor
It looked like a monster
I had to blink again
I wanted to dig a den
I was so scared
I wanted to yell if I dared
I kept myself from passing out
If this was real I had doubt
I was thinking of my grave
I was trying to be brave
I looked up at the clock
"Time's up. Tick, Tock"
The monster came closer
I heard its breath like a cats purr
His tools clanked and clinked
A timer dinged
Took off his hood he had
It was my dad
He pulled a lever
The fake walls fell down
We both were laughing
We almost split in half
It was a funny joke
We went upstairs to have a coke
I was ok
Before I knew it, it was day
The next day we laughed about it
But, I was still scared a little bit
We talked about our dreams
Last night, nothing was as it seems


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